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Academics of UPREP

From the start University Preparatory School was envisioned as a rigorous academic school. The name itself describes the mission and the goal for every student who comes through the doors of U-Prep. The purpose of the middle school is to prepare students for the academic work they will face in high school. It is why Latin is a part of the middle school experience. The study of Latin provides a foundation for future study of Romance languages, enhances vocabulary/language development, and teaches significant cognitive skills relevant to all academic studies. Additionally, middle school students are placed in mathematics and Latin classes based on ability; this allows them to take accelerated classes in math, science and world languages when they enter our high school.

All high school academic classes meet the A-G requirements and recommendations for admission to University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) campuses. Because U-Prep offers a seven period day, high school students can meet all of their academic requirements without sacrificing their interests in fine arts and music and other elective courses. Graduates of U-Prep have been accepted into every UC and CSU as well as Ivy League colleges (Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth) and other prestigious universities (M.I.T., Pepperdine, Washington and Lee). The reality for today’s students is that entering college is becoming more and more competitive. In order for students to have a high school experience that is well-rounded and excellent preparation for college, music, dance, art, athletics, student government, clubs, and leadership activities are components of the student’s experience. It is the activities available in concert with the academic opportunities that creates the positive, dynamic school environment that is U-Prep.

Many elements are unique to University Preparatory School such as Advisory and Tutorial classes and seven period days but one of the most obvious elements is the real influence and impact of community, parent, and student input. Partnerships with local businesses and organizations have provided many hands on opportunities for students. Further, class and college trips provide both information and academic experiences and give students a chance to form strong and positive peer relationships. The faculty of U-Prep was selected based on academic skill, commitment to our mission, and ability to mentor adolescents. All faculty members have extra-curricular responsibilities such as coaching, club advisement, and performing arts. A core belief of the U-Prep staff is the importance of adult role models who are accessible to students and committed to each student’s success.

UPREP Curriculum and Philosophy

In the 21st century, post-secondary education is essential to prepare young people to be successful in a fast-changing and competitive global community. The U-Prep course of study prepares our students to be competitive applicants to universities and autonomous learners with the self-directed study skills necessary for college success. Junior high school students take Latin to enhance their vocabularies, develop critical thinking skills, and advance their knowledge of grammar and usage. High school honors and Advanced Placement academic classes expose students to college level scholarship. Tutorials support academic achievement and encourage critical thinking. In Advisories students create portfolios that demonstrate their acquisition of leadership, communication, and citizenship skills. We offer students the opportunity to become proficient in at least one other language as well as the chance to develop a life-long avocation in one of the arts through our extensive, music, drama, dance, and art programs. In physical education and life science classes, students learn to apply nutrition and fitness information in preparation for a lifetime of healthy choices.

For a complete overview of UPREP curriculum, please read UPREP Course Guide 2017-2018.

What is "A-G Courses"?

In California, most students satisfy the UC admissions Subject Requirement by completing 15 yearlong high school courses. Seven of the courses must be taken or validated in the last two years of high school. The “a-g” subject areas include:
  1. History/Social Sciences – 2 years;
  2. English – 4 years;
  3. Mathematics – 3 years;
  4. Laboratory Science – 2 years;
  5. Language other than English – 2 years;
  6. Visual & Performing Arts – 1 year;
  7. College Preparatory Elective – 1 year

U-Prep is now on the University of California A-G website. To check out the U-Prep courses that have been approved (so far) click here.